Allen & Heath AB168 16x8 Digital Stage Box for GLD and Qu Mixing Systems

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Allen and Heath AB168 Audiorack Features:

  • 16 high-quality mic preamps give you plenty of great sounding inputs

  • Phantom power indicator on each channel lets you keep an eye on your input status

  • 8 XLR sends give you plenty of outputs to get your sound where you need it

  • dSNAKE protocol gets your audio where you need with convenient Cat 5 connectivity

  • Expander port lets you expand your system or connect your ME personal mixing system

  • Rubber bumpers protect from disastrous dings and drops

  • Convenient carry handle makes loadins quick and easy on your back

  • Rackmountable with optional kit

The AB168 audiorack from Allen & Heath is the portable stagebox solution for your GLD and Qu systems. You'll have plenty of ins and outs with 16 incomparable Allen & Heath preamps for your inputs, and 8 outputs you can assign as monitor sends, main outputs - anything you need. Sweetwater knows convenience is second only to sound where portable PA is concerned, and with the AB168's dSNAKE Cat 5 connectivity, protective rubber bumpers, and carry handle.