Intimate Studio Concert with The Josh Glenn Experiment.

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Join us Saturday October 7th as we open our home to host San Antonio based musician Josh Glenn, we caught this "mad looping folk scientist" at Texas Indie Fest 2017, you won't want to miss this live intimate house concert opportunity with Josh Glenn The Experiment.

The Josh Glenn Experiment is the one man folk band led by the San Antonio based musician, JoshGlenn. Armed with a soulful voice, an acoustic guitar, and the occasional tap of the looping pedal; Josh pieces together unique rhythms and sounds right before the listener's eyes. The listener becomes entranced and enveloped into the musical process as energy is reciprocated between the moving of hips and the layering of sounds. Sometimes folky singer-songwriter, sometimes spontaneous mad-folk scientist, Josh takes you on a very personal musical journey, utilizing unique techniques along the way.

"10 New Musicians From Texas You Should Know: Armed with only a guitar, a pedal, and his voice, Josh Glenn (San Antonio, TX) is a self-described "mad looping folk scientist". He starts with a single rhythm, slowly building each melody from the ground up to create layered, folk, feel-good, and enveloping soundscapes. Glenn pulls much of his inspiration from nature, and the balance of positive and negative energy in all forms."

• Sarah Karney, The Culture Trip (Mar 04, 2017)

Buy tickets for The Josh Glenn Experiment presented by Kingdom Sound Concert Series

Limited seats available be sure to RSVP to secure yours! 

Openings this season!

The summer is almost gone! We are back with more open dates and will be taking on new clients. Are you looking to record your next single? Working on an upcoming EP and are looking for amazing sound before mixing and mastering?! We have dates available. Check out our updated gear list and book your next session with us! 

Whether you are looking to simply track your vocals, guitar, grand piano, or other instrument, we've got the best gear to make your project shine! With our newest Pre-Amp The Manley Slam we guarantee you will have the best sounding tracks. 

On other news, we now have a new number; 512-643-9540. Thank you Google Fiber for allowing us to increase our download and upload speed. You can also find our new number at the bottom of the site. 

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OPEN MIC SUNDAY July 16th with Balanced Breakfast Austin

Missing out on South Austin Open Mic on Sundays?
Come be part of the newest open mic south of town at the Red Shed Tavern bar on South Congress.

Don't be shy amos provided for solos, duos, trios, join us at The Red Shed Tavern stage. Open to all musicians, music lovers and in betweens!

July 16, 2017
Sign up starts at 6:30PM
Start time: 7:00PM

PA System, monitors and backline provided by Kingdom Sound

32 channel mixer
JBL SRX speakers
Nord Stage 2 Keyboard available to use

Balanced Breakfast: Music Industry Meetup is a community open to all music lovers, musicians, enthusiasts now in 14 + cities.